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For the longest time, I've loved to travel. I love getting out and seeing the world, meeting people, and experiencing nature. But to me, adventuring is much more than mere travel. You can go on an adventure by exploring a new activity or restaurant in your local community, trying new food, or learning a new hobby! This site is where I capture my adventures, whether it's traveling across the world or visiting a local brewery. I hope this inspires you to go make some adventures of your own!

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Short answer: All over the world

Long answer I have been to over 30 countries, primarily in Europe and the Americas, and traveled extensively in the United States (after I hit New England I will have been to them all!). In addition to my travels, I have had the great privilege to call Peoria, Ames, Valencia, Wichita, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Detroit home at some point in my life. While moving so often does get tiring after a while, I love the opportunity to see new places and get to know people from a new area. I think it will be some time before I settle down!

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As international travel is a little too risky right now with the pandemic going on, I am sticking to domestic travel. I have a goal of visiting all the American national parks and since hiking is an easy activity to remain socially distanced with, I have decided to visit as many as I can. Next up, I will be traveling to Indiana Dunes, Great Smokey Mountains, Congaree, and then on to Florida to explore the abundance of natural wonders down there, maybe even do some scuba diving! After things start to open up again, the top options on my list are a diving trip to Bonaire, exploring Medellin and Cartagena in Colombia, and heading back to Europe to get acquainted with Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia!

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