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Cuyahoga National Park Final Day

I saved the best hike for last at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Although I wouldn't really consider this a hike, as the waterfall is less than 100ft from the parking lot. You just walk down some boardwalk stairs and you're there. Still, Brandywine Falls was a great way to end my time in Ohio.

After this short hike it was time to get to work! In case you were confused, I am not on vacation right now. I am still working full-time from the hotel room or a coffee shop during the day, studying as a full-time grad student, and in my free time I travel the country. At this point, I had a solid to-do list that I need to knock out.

Pete's To-Do List:

  1. Get Oil Change for Raven (that's my car's name)

  2. Organize photos from SD cards and hard drive

  3. Create new blog post

  4. Finish homework due tomorrow (yikes)

  5. Reserve hotel for Friday so I don't have to sleep in my car again

  6. Add new pages to website

  7. Watch lectures for school and put in extra time at work

  8. Pack up car

  9. Some other little tasks

After finishing up what I deemed to be a sufficient amount of work, I went to sleep to be well-rested for my drive to Frankfort, KY tomorrow

After a relatively easy workday from the hotel lobby, I hit the road. It was about a 6-hour drive to Frankfort. It got dark pretty quick and at my first rest stop, I noticed a problem (see picture left). Now I want to take a quick moment to say I love my RAV4. It is almost perfect.

However... I say almost because there is this little problem where the voltage to the headlights can be wonky causing them to burn out more often than normal. This is nothing I hadn't dealt with before though and last time this happened (with my old RAV4) I bought an extra bulb just in case something like this would happen again! So I just got the new part from the back, opened the hood, popped out the old bulb, and put the new one in, and voila! 5 minutes later I was back on the road with two working headlights.

I arrived a little late at my hotel, around midnight, and got to bed as soon as possible so I would be well-rested for work the next day. Overall, it was a fun and productive couple of days!

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